Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July

My plans for the 4th are to sit by a pool with a Mai Tai and tan in the sun while Tyler makes sure I have the proper amount of suntan lotion at all time. In reality, Brian bought the kids a pool, so we'll be setting that up then filling it with a hose for God knows how long. I guess we could also do this.

This is the worst excerpt:

Tell kids they can have a party, said Jen Singer of, an online community for moms. Let them plan the day's events, allowing them to get excited about the party.But then impose rules, such as they can only eat carrots — no ice cream — and they can only play inside. When they get upset about the rules, explain that's how the patriots felt when England made rules and imposed taxes on Americans.

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Rob said...

Well happy July 4th to you, EG. Today we up here in Canuk Land are also celebrating - July 1st - Canada Day. I've been reading all the past entries in your blog(s) - tres interesting stuff, I must admit! I gotta say though that 'tis a tad weird posting a comment on a blog entry that's dated in the future! (evil grin)

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