Sunday, June 7, 2009

Passive Aggressive

Tonight is the first night I've had any time to myself since Brian started demanding that we have sex every night. I mean, it's not exactly assault, cause forced-ish sex falls in a gray area when you are married. And normally I don't care since I get that this is part of the deal, but it just feels like he's trying to prove something and that means we're both pretending. And when no one wants it, it's like kid of a waste of my time. Which is why tonight I told him "no". And saying "no" felt good. Except he took it as a challenge and tried to manhandle me. I kept telling him I needed a break but he didn't listen. He wouldn't stop so I punched him in the face. I take kickboxing class and my right hook is amazing considering I've only ever punched my reflection in an aerobics studio mirror. His nose started bleeding and he was so dumbfounded he didn't know what to say. Then I told him he can think about what if someone manhandled his daughter like that and he got the point real fast. He's asleep right now with toilet paper in his nose. What a jerk.


Nicole said...

oh my gawd...didn't that feel GOOD?!

EvoHollywood said...

Bitch, you crazy!

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