Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Burning that candle

I can't imagine being a single mom. I mean, if push came to shove, I just wouldn't raise kids myself. I would leave those kids at a church doorstep in a heartbeat. I am barely able to do all mom things I did before I started designing part time again. Which is why I've made an executive decision for the first time in this house - to make Brian take the kids to activities on the days I have off. So, two days a week he has to come home at a reasonable hour and take the kids to some sort of rehearsal. That means I still have to take the kids to things in the evenings of the three three days I work, but in return I am getting two days of actual alone time. Sure I'm doing laundry and dishes, but it's uninterrupted laundry and dishes. Brian tried to tell me he didn't have time to take the kids to their "extra" activities and I said to him "Well, I guess your kids won't be well rounded enough to go to college". Having kids that don't get a higher education is a great weapon against a man who measures everything in degrees, awards and trophies.

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