Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Friend

So I have a new friend here at work. Her name is Jackie Kirkpatrick and, well, she's pretty much the best lady I've ever met in my life. She confided in me last week at lunch that she has an open marriage. Well, it wasn't really confided, she pretty much tells it like it is. Kind of like how I imagine Dolly Parton talks. She told me all about it. How her and her husband don't talk about who they are sleeping with outside the marriage. She told me that she's only had one outside lover from the relationship and that he was kind of a stupid hot guy and how they make the best ones because then you don't want to leave your husband for them. I couldn't tell her about Tyler. Not yet. But I'm really excited about the idea that I could have a girlfriend to talk about all this exciting stuff with!

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