Saturday, April 18, 2009


We had to go to Brookdale Mall today to get Cody new khaki pants. First of all, going to the mall with kids rapes the mall experience of all its fun. To slow the kids down a bit, I always let them eat two Cinnabons (see attached photo) each. I guess in the Cinnabon excitement they forgot where I was sitting. After 10 minutes I figured they were in the hands of a responsible mall employee, so I decided to pop into the Gap and try on some cute striped sweaters in peace. I paid with the cash back I got at the grocery store since I am not allowed to buy clothes without Brian’s approval. I was heading to Macy’s for Bobbi Brown mascara when I heard the announcement for the “mom of Bekka and Cody” to report to the security center. It always makes me laugh when I am reminded that the kids don’t know my first name.

On the way home I asked Bekka why she didn’t use her new Sidekick to text me where they were and she said my phone number isn’t in her phone. I left it at that. She’ll hit me up for it if she wants it, until then, if ain’t broke, you know?

From Resentful Mom

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