Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sex and the Suburbs

Denise offered to watch the kids today while I went to lunch with some friends. I suspect her only reason being that she wanted the freedom to be on EBay and didn't want me knowing about it. So we met at Houlihan's and predictably, after everyone ordered virgin Cosmopolitans, they all started in on Sex and the City and who they were (Carrie, Miranda, etc. I said I was Ms. Garrett from "The Facts of Life") I never liked Sex and the City. I think they cast that show with ok looking women who acted pretentious so that ok looking women viewers wouldn't be offended by their cartoonish behavior and the husbands of these viewers wouldn't be attracted to the characters. Sex and the City was an ok looking womens' little coveted treasure. And now it's gone and there's nothing to replace it. So they talk about it, like a deceased friend, sipping drinks that are devoid of fun, and talking like city girls. I enjoyed watching them, "do" their little play, withholding juicy info on my new relationship with Tyler which would have made their year.

From Resentful Mom

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