Friday, April 24, 2009

Sheeeeeee's Heeeeer

Brian's mom arrived today. Just in time to drink coffee on the patio and watch me put together the kids new swing set Brian bought on line (it's the top photo, the one with an irrational number of races represented). She just sat there, complaining about the couple next to her on the plane who insisted on watching the "raunchy movie with Woody from Cheers." After several guesses as to what the movie was and Denise's last minute addition of "bowling movie", I guessed "King Pin" to which she responded "Sure", as if she the whole time she was pressuring me to figure out the name she really could have cared less. All this before she even unpacked.

And she doesn't miss a beat. She flew right into why I didn't have non-dairy powdered creamer. Didn't I know she was coming? Didn't I know she only takes powder creamer in her coffee? Didn't I know how hard it was for her to enjoy the coffee with regular milk in it? Then she proceeded to pull out two packs of non-dairy powdered creamer out of her purse and put it in her coffee. The order of her actions confused me and made me so angry that later, when I was checking my e-mail, I did some research about powdered creamer. Apparently, when suspended in air, it's flammable. Good to know.

From Resentful Mom

PS - I gave my site a little face lift. A new subtitle in the title bar and new Twitter and Digg features. Please use them. I stayed up from 10:30 to 12:30 learning how to do them, then I got up at 5:30. I am "sleep upright at a stop light" tired.

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