Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Hero

Last Sunday, after listening to her children bicker in the back seat of a car for God knows how long, Madlyn Primoff, told her kids to get the f out of her car. The 12 year old caught up to the speeding car, but the 10 year old's tiny little legs couldn't make it happen, so she was picked up by a passer by and taken to the police. When Madlyn came to get her daughter, she was arrested for child endangerment.

Madlyn, hats off to you. You're a resentful mom who wears her resentment proudly. This lady, from the NYT article, says it best:

"CHERYL KESSNER, a social worker who raised five children, said Ms. Primoff made a mistake, but the girls were left, for however long, in a safe commercial district, not a dangerous neighborhood. She said the reaction was as much about the overly anxious, safety-obsessed standards of suburbia as Ms. Primoff’s flawed judgment."

I'm sorry you're probably going down for this Madyln. Those throwing stones at you are surely as guilty of doing the same thing to their kids. But if they throw stones at you, they can place themselves safely on the side of "good parent". They are not brave enough to defend you. But Rachel Sochney will.

From Resentful Mom


momtrolfreak said...

ha! as soon as i saw this i thought of you rachel! I knew you'd post on it, it's perrrfect. The one thing I don;t get is how they keep talking about her "upscale suburb" and her multi-milliondollar house. Are they sure this is the right picture? I think Madlyn Primoff might be a bit less testy if she got her hair did. And a facial. And maybe some botox.

Rachel said...

Her kids did this to her. They've broken her.

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