Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby remember my name

Cody saw a commercial for the Children's Theater Company in Minneapolis and is adamant on going to their summer camp program. I want him to do it because I can probably enroll him in the day sessions for the whole summer, I can probably talk Bekka into doing it, and then I can drive to Minneapolis every day!! Which means I can see Tyler everyday. It would be similar to what it would be like if we were married, it's like a test run. And, I haven't been able to see him since Brian got back, which is killing me. Especially after how he took care of me after my accident. But after talking to Brian it's clear he'll be giving me the old money excuse (classes are $300 a week for the day classes), saying we can't afford it this year, despite the fact that nothing has changed financially for us and last year we sent the kids to Swift Nature Camp which cost us about $4K per kid, so I don't see how this is different. Except with arts camp, the kids are at home to buffer any interaction I may have to have with Brian.

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