Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Today is the start of my official spring cleaning. I know it's almost summer, but with Brian being gone and my overall busyness with another man and children, it's been tough to find time. To ensure it all gets done and this overwhelming task isn't burdening me anymore, I am enlisting/bribing the kids for help. The good news is kids are cheap labor, and for $5 a piece I can get them to do things that I couldn't hire a cleaning lady to do for $100. It's a real bargain. And they usually do a real good job. As a matter of fact, if they do as good of a job as they did last year, I am considering making this "pay-for-clean" deal a weekly occurrence. Until Brian gets back. He's of the mindset that kids should be kids, but I think, look, if they want to do some hard labor for money, isn't that a good for them too?

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