Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Injurycation (pt. 4) - Substitute Mom

Before I go on about my wonderful experiences with Dr. Brent (the preferred greeting of the good doctor), let me clarify something. I am not racist. I don’t think that that Dr. Goodarzi was a bad doctor because he is Indian. I think he’s a bad doctor because he’s over worked and can’t muster any bedside manner or diagnosis because he’s been treating people for 6 days straight without sleep. Dr. Brent is not a good doctor because he is white. He’s a good doctor because he’s at a hospital that runs like a well oiled machine and has staff that can assist him or a colleague who can relive him. That being said, the fact that one is Indian and one is white may have contributed to why one is at a well run hospital and one is at an over budget one. That is someone else's racism. Not mine.

That being said, Dr. Brent was amazing!! Not only was he handsome (is there a rule that handsome guys only hang out with other handsome guys?) but really laid back. He actually hugged me and said he had heard so many great things about me. The great things probably not including my marriage to another man and my children who I leave every Friday with a crappy neighbor so I can go to a Spanish class I am not enrolled in so I can spend romantic time with his friend Tyler.

At any rate, he was super cool and said that he wanted to schedule me for surgery to check out the damage. Which meant I would have to stay in the hospital overnight. Which meant that I couldn’t pick up my kids who probably, under the normal rules of society, should be dealt with. Now I don’t know if it’s because Tyler’s in advertising or maybe that he’s all around amazing, but that guy sprung into action. I guess sometimes when clients come to town, TadWare will set up nanny’s for their kids. This is a relatively newish thing they’ve done since the 90’s since there are a lot more women running their own companies (can you imagine the freedom? You could pay someone full time to watch your kids during the day while you go to an office and do something you love. Or at least something that makes you a lot of money!). These "modern ladies" apparently like to travel with their kids but don't want to deal with their kids. It's some sort of mom badge of honor that they can do it all, at least with the help of several other people. Anyway, he called his secretary and had her set up someone for my kids. So while I am being admitted for surgery, a nice stranger named Sally Werman is driving to Kathy’s house to pick up the kids and take them home to explain what happened, make them dinner and tuck them in bed. I hoped that maybe she'd be in her thirties, married but infertile - just the right kind of lady to fall head over mom heels in love with two kids. And they would fall in love with her too and when I got out of surgery Cody and Bekka would be standing at my bedside asking me if they could go live with Ms. Weman. And I'd say "Of course! You deserve to be happy too!".

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