Thursday, May 14, 2009

Injurycation (pt. 1)

Bad things always happen to good people. And that good person is me.

Friday looked like a day right out of a romantic comedy. I was supposed to meet Tyler for lunch at Manny's Steakhouse (I like my steak how I like my happiness. Rare.) Then afterwards he was taking me to Lake Harriet for the afternoon. He said he had a very important question to ask the Elf Tree. The Elf Tree is a tiny tree with a door, and if you leave a question in the tree, days later you come back and have your answer. Apparently it was some question I needed to be with him to drop off, which leads me to believe it was about me. Romantic huh? The idea of someone doing something for me not out of holiday obligation was so exciting! So exciting that I started day dreaming about it and rear ended someone on the highway at 45 MPH. I moved the airbag but suddenly realized I couldn't move my right leg. Apparently I tore my PCL - the center ligament in the knee, necessary for things like , you know, moving your leg. Since I've had two humans exit my body I was able to handle the pain ok until the ambulance got there. They loaded me onto a gurney and the cop interviewed me about what happened. I told him I was on the phone with my kid because telling him I was "on my way to see a guy who I like more than my husband" seemed wrong. More wrong than lying to a cop.

From Resentful Mom

(con't tomorrow)


momtrolfreak .com said...

OMG! Sorry to hear about that but I knew you would find a way to make it entertaining regardless and have been looking forward to it. Can't wait for Part 2. p.s. this is hysterical --->(I like my steak how I like my happiness. Rare.) LOVE. IT.

Nicole said...

wha...? i'm coming in late, here, rachel...a guy you like more than your husband? are you joking or is this real? either not sure if the butterflies in my stomach are because it's so sneaky and i love it or if it's because it's so funny that you would be so forthright on your blog.

catch me up or tell me which blog to read to get the full scoop...

Anonymous said...

:o Tonight's triple appletini is for you!

Rachel said...

Nicole I don't know how to private message on blogspot so I'll just put it here. You'll have to go back and read from the beginning. It's quick reading. Like a romance novel, but with a mini van.

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