Thursday, May 28, 2009

Role Playing

I think Bekka’s going down the dark road of RPG(role playing games). She’s been putting spells on the food at dinner and giving me intense stares, like she’s cursing me. She's also been calling me "King Swineheart". Fearing this was a reference to my weight, I did a marathon session on the elliptical machine (1 hour 46 minutes). While excreting an insane amount of sweat to Fergie, I decided that I was taking her actions too personally. When I got home, I googled "King Swineheart". King Swineheart is a villain in a RPG game called "Fuzzy Heroes". How could an overweight girl who loves stuffed animals not love this?

This is not really my fault. Yes, I let her eat and eat until she was given no choice but to join the only social group that would accept her – D&D kids. But I thought the worst that could happen would she would join flag brigade. This I will not take responsibility for. She's her own person, she makes her own decisions. It would be like holding Ted Bundy's mother accountable for his murders? No?

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Jen said...

I really enjoy your posts. I do not get to read them everyday but I completely appreciate your honesty. I agree it is not your fault and I will back you up but they will find a way to blame it on you eventually. ALL kids do. They can suck the life out of you and then blame you when they ruin theirs. It's a fabulous concept.

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