Saturday, March 28, 2009

7 Days

Despite my amazing Friday afternoon (I’ll write more when the kids aren’t all up in my business), today officially begins the 7 day patience tester I call “Spring Break (my spirit)”. It's written in some book I’m unaware of that it’s my responsibility to pack in a week full of fun for these guys just cause their teachers need a break. I’m a smart cookie though. I convinced Brian to let me buy a Wii for the kids. It’s a great video gaming system because the kids can stay active, and therefore become tired and sleepy, and it’s a video game, so they can stay involved in something other than broken record-ing he phrase "What are we doing?". With the Wii and "Monsters vs. Aliens", "Race to Witch Mountain" (and "Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail", if I really, really need it), I can maybe survive this week.
From Resentful Mom

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