Sunday, March 29, 2009

God Willing

Brian made us go to church this morning. It was terrible putting on a dress and pleading with the kids to get up and put on nice clothes. Brian has only done this once before a long time ago, and after that mass he and I ended up in a long conversation at Chili's, ending with his confession to me that he started dabbling in cocaine again. He went to a $10,000 a week treatment center called Hazelden in Center City, which looks less like a hospital and more like a college campus. We were engaged at that time. The week he was gone was the last time I was happy in this relationship. From the moment I picked him up, he's never mentioned his drug problem, and I never said a word about loathing him.

Based on his demeanor lately, he’s up to something else. Certainly not cocaine cause he’s not trying to have sex with me all the time (in the butt). If I had to guess, it’s whats-her-face from work, Tracie Welkey, and it has to do with where whats-her-face is putting her face (Brian’s crotch). Brian has not talked to me about it, and I don’t know if he will. If I can get more evidence, I can call him out. And once his affair is out in the open, I get my free pass to have an affair. With Tyler. Yipeeee!!!

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