Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby Crazies

Saturday is my friend Georgie's baby shower. It's her first baby and hopefully her last (or maybe she'll have a third trimester miscarriage). This woman should not have input on anything impressionable. Georgie can be summed up with this set of words: hi-lights, Escalade, appletini's, pink, bling, Irish Catholic, spray tan, cleavage, over extended.

She sent out her registry list and I've spent the last hour trying to find a gift under $100. If I can't, I am not afraid to show up empty handed and site the economic depression, and I bet you I won't be the only person. Which means Georgie will cry and take it as a sign that we don't love her (which is kind of the truth). I don't care. She cries a lot. It's the typical MO of a woman who wears heels to wash a car. Here's some of the pretentious and tacky baby crap she hopes we will buy her:

A pink studded pacifier $120:
From Resentful Mom

You can only buy this thing on a website called Aristabra.com. This will be one businesses I hope gets taken down by the economic slow down.

Cashmere baby blankets $190:
From Resentful Mom

People who make this know babies throw up, right? Available on another pretentiously named website ElegantRoots.com. The copy on this photo is hilarious.

Juicy Diaper Bag $298:
From Resentful Mom

This will shock you. Available only at Neiman Marcus.

Gucci baby carrier $895:
From Resentful Mom

If you can afford this why would you even carry your baby?

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Oh, I like you.

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