Wednesday, March 11, 2009


What's worse than having your kids with you at the grocery store? Not much. It's a nightmare situation for the most patient of people. Two little car salesmen bargaining with you to accept one of their propositions. One of them comes to me with Fruit Loops. I say no. After a shake of the head, he or she puts it back on the shelf, but always returns with another proposed food I will reject. It's a constant rotation of offers and denials. In last ditch attempts, they'll grasp at register impulse buys like Toblerone or Listerine strips, thinking that I'm worn down. That I'll give in. But I stay strong. So on the rare occasion that I get to go to the store by myself, I milk that treat as long as I can, reading every single panel of nutrition information, thinking hard about which peach is the ripest, paying in change. So the last thing I want is a grocery tote reminding me of my tormentors.

From Resentful Mom

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sarah said...

so. this is the best blog ever. and no one leaves comments. but you are a genius.

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