Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ring Ring!

Bekka wants a cell phone for her birthday. My gut tells me the other parents finally gave in, and the school is now flooded with 6 year olds with phones (they actually have the perfect finger size for QWERTY keyboards). Since Bekka already has a little trouble fitting in due to her weight issues, I decided to look into it. After getting sidetracked on a Christian Bale video montage of sexy pictures of him set to Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" (Indeed he is!)I found the Migo. Instead of a number pad, this phone has 4 programmable buttons and a button for 911 (which also happens to be the biggest and most alluring button - unfortunately). It also has GPS tracking, which is a great feature, but what I wish it could do is tell me when Bekka's taken down a whole bag of Aged White Cheddar Pirate's Booty. So I presented her with this phone, and she scoffed. Told me she wanted a Blackberry Curve. I wanted to say "You don't run a hedge fund! You need a Blackberry Curve to call your friend and ask her what color her dog is?". After I counted to 10, I calmly said that this is the offer, and if she treats this phone well we would think about upgrading her next year. She declined. I better talk to Brian before she gets to him first. The battle is on. Mom vs. Bekka, logic and good parenting vs. cute chubby daughter appeal and high pitched neediness, and Brian is the decider. There's a chance my daughter may get a better phone than me. God help us.

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