Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Secret Coffee

Tyler finally wrote me back! Of course I responded to him right away when he e-mailed me last week, and then I started freaking out that I scared him off with my quick turnaround. Turns out he was in Sunny LA meeting with the California Raisin Board. I hate raisins, but I love sunshine and hot guys I used to sleep with! Oh God, this is crazy right? I'm having coffee with him on Friday at a place called Janine's in the warehouse district. I asked my neighbor Kathy to watch Cody and Bekka for me, so that's taken care of. Plus, she owes me in back favors for all the bandwidth she sucked off of us. So I have at least three hours to get there, make Tyler fall in love with me, then get back before 5. I can do it. Just need to dust off the old self esteem.

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