Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mystery Machine

My cousin Veronica sent Cody Scooby Doo DVD's for Christmas 2008, and that kid can't get enough of them! He watches them over and over and over again, and has his favorite episodes memorized so well, he recited the lines in time with the show. Today, he took his obsession to a whole new level. He asked me for an orange scarf. I didn't know he'd been watching Scooby Doo, so I was confused, but when he explained he wanted to look like Fred, I understood all too well. He aspired to be more like a 70's free spirited, possibly bi-sexual mystery solver. It's a mature choice, a bold choice, but a choice that seemed fun and possibly risque none-the-less. I may be a resentful mom, but I am sure up for shaking up the system. When I told him that scarf is called an ascot, his eyes just lit up at the sound of the word. He negotiated extra chores in exchange for an orange ascot and a white sweater (he informed me he already figured out the jeans and blue shirt he had in mind to complete the outfit). The only downside of all this, other than ridicule, is Cody, because of his blonde hair, may look too much like Fred. So I made him a deal, for his own protection - he can wear his Fred outfit at home or at family functions only. Now to find a white v-neck sweater and a tiny ascot for a 3 year old.

From Resentful Mom

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