Friday, February 13, 2009


From Resentful Mom

One of the unfortunate things about being a mom is forcing myself to read "mom" magazines. One of the many I subscribe to (the more magazines you have the more you "care") is Good Housekeeping, or as I like to call it "Good Captivity". Inside each misery soaked issue I always seem to find a dumb ad to trump the dumb ad of last month. And here is February's winner. It's the laziest campaign I have ever seen. "Blogworthy"? I hope when they wrote the copy "Deli Creations Flatbread Sandwiches from Oscar Mayer are worth writing about" , they meant precisely what I am doing. Calling them out on their lazy, stupid campaign. I mean, maybe this type of lazy advertising works on some people, but I doubt those people keep blogs because they are borderline retarded. And even if the borderline retarded did get a tumblr page,they couldn't sustain a following. And so how, exactly, Advertising Agency for Oscar Mayer, is the word supposed to spread? We moms may have made mistakes in our lives, lots of mistakes, but we're not stupid.

PS. The white discoloration in the middle is where I erased the curse words I wrote on this ad.

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