Monday, February 23, 2009

Bright Sunshining Day

Today it's 24 degrees. That's the high, which means it's only that warm if your standing in direct sunlight and the wind is not slapping you in the face like a frozen metal shovel. It's about this time of year I start wishing the ozone was completely eradicated so that I wouldn't be so abused by the cold. Like having to get out of the car, becoming instantly frozen, going inside, and before my toes have feeling again, going back outside to the car to do it all over again. On busy Monday's also known as every Monday,it's a torturous cycle of going inside then outside, again and again. Cody has 6PM-8PM karate class and Bekka has 6:30 ballet and 7:30 tap - at two different dance studios! I only agreed to this insane evening schedule because I get go to Dunn Bros. Coffee during their classes and enjoy warm coffee that I didn't have to make. I don't know what the kids who work there think of me coming in and out, ordering a small coffee each time, and just staring quietly. There's really not time to think about what else is going on because if I'm not busy picking out people I think I'd like to trade places with, I'm involved with my internal debate about the pros and con's of just jumping on I-94 and driving 'till I run out of gas.

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