Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love seat

Last year for my birthday Brian promised me anything I wanted. What I really wanted was a nose job, but Brian and I talked about it and "we" decided a couch would be more practical. So I choose this beautiful Ethan Allen couch:
From Resentful Mom

In this color:
From Resentful Mom

So this evening we went to order it. And only 58 days before my next birthday. I would have gone to Ethan Allen to get it myself long ago, but I am not allowed a credit card. I guess I did it to myself, because one time I bought myself a $200 Hermès perfume which he thought was an extravagant purchase. Even though I had asked for it for three years in a row for Christmas and never got it. It was all I wanted for so long and every Christmas I had to act happy when I opened all the off-the-mark gifts like a marble garden turtle, flannel pj's and crappy hand made cookie jars. So until I can prove to Brian that I am "responsible" again, it's family trips every time I need to buy something for myself. There's nothing quite like having three people watching you pick out bras and panties.

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