Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Earth Moved

Tonight I was guilted by certain ladies, whom I despise (Marie Cartwright and Janice Donerway) after the PTA meeting for not having an emergency kit at my house. They kept peppering the phrase "I can't believe you would not be prepared for an emergency" throughout our conversation about how much TV the kids should watch in the evening. So when I got home, I looked up all the extra crap I need to buy to put in the kit:
One Gallon of water per person per day
Canned foods and non perishable treats
Can opener
Battery powered radio
Flashlight and extra batteries
Change of clothes for each person
Blankets or sleeping bags
Toilet paper, tampons, garbage bags
First aid kit
Matches in a waterproof container
Tool kit
Local Maps
Cash or travelers checks a credit card

This is a huge thing! How am I supposed to get it all out of my house when disaster strikes? Instead of having one big bag, I am making this a family project. I am buying backpacks and all the things listed x 4, then we’re all responsible for our own safety. After society has broken down and chaos ensues, those guys are on their own cause I’m taking my pack and starting a brand new colony by myself.

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